2022 — Design + Illustration


Poster (1 final, 5 iterations)
Semi-Gloss Cardstock
11 x 17”

The prompt for this school project was to combine 9 unique posters to make one final composition. We were given specific methodologies to follow per each poster. Utilizing illustrations for one composition, working representationally for another, or even working in opposites of what’s expected from the event. For the subject of my poster, I chose to make it based on one of the first UK Raves called Hedonism. Something edgy, something fun. To mix all the poster iterations, I pulled an idea from one composition, slightly disregarding another, and kept the styling from one that stuck with me. All to encompass a single body of work that is both concise in its intent and stylized when needed to be.


2022 — Design + Art Direction + Book Binding

Layers of Mementos

Hand-Stitched Book (240 pages)
60# Uncoated Text + 80# Matte Transparent Paper
6.5 x 9”

This personal project is the embodiment of my tattoo diary. Featuring quotes, signatures, and symbols. All things that I’ve written down years prior for the sake of future impulse tattoo sessions. Given the delicacy of this project, the approach was to articulate each tattoo through the means of a collage, an illustration of the tattoo, and an explanation. The driving concept is based around skin and layers, so utilizing transparent pages overlays on top of the collages felt essential. To signify and exemplify the depth beyond the surface of each tattoo. As each tattoo carries a story, a set of images, and most importantly a reason. Between 240 pages this is all of me from the surface to beyond.


2022 — Design + Art Direction

Senior Show ‘Best Wishes’ Merch (3)

1. Best Wishes Tote Bag
Black Dyed Canvas Tote
15 x 19”

2. F.T.S. Zine (16 pages) 
60# Uncoated Text Paper
9 x 12”

3. Sticker Sheet
Vinyl Stickers
8.5 x 11”

In December of 2022, my school held a final graduating BFA senior show titled ‘Best Wishes‘. I was brought on to the team as the Art Director for the merch line. I designed a two-sided duo-toned canvas tote, a 16-page zine, and a sticker sheet. This merch line was made with the Best Wishes brand in mind, meaning things like a wide color palette and an organic stylization were the main focus.

‘From The Students’ (F.T.S.) Zine made with Nadine Nazareth.


2022 — Design + Art Direction

IBM Plex Mono: Type Specimen

Spineless Booklet (36 pages)
80# Uncoated Text Paper
8.5 x 11” 

This school assignment was to create a book that exemplified a typeface. I originally chose IBM Plex Mono because of its stylization and functionality. However, learning more about the concept behind IBM Plex made my interest only grow immensely. As IBM Plex was created around the sole idea of finding a connection between man and machine. A typeface that truly embodies IBM’s ideals. This larger than life concept led me to the idea of creating a type specimen centered around a test between man and machine. My goal was to not only articulate the complexity and beauty of the typeface itself, but also an in-depth story between the living and the created.


2020-22 — Design + Illustration

Undergrad Posters

Various Posters
Semi-Gloss Cardstock Paper
11 x 17”

To take a break from learning conventional design in the classroom I created these one-off posters. Each work was aimed at making something chaotic just as visually intriguing.


2021 — Design + Art Direction + Photo Illustration

22 West Magazine: Fear Issue

60# Coated Text Paper
8.3 x 10.7”

I was brought on to the team as the Art Director of the magazine in August of 2021. A lot of my work and time spent at 22 West was strictly meant to lay out pages and do a handful of photo illustrations. I spent a lot of my time learning how to lay down type quickly as I would make each 32 page magazine in a matter of 3 days. For this reason, I had to learn how to work fast and be resourceful. Through each issue, I gave the magazine personality through either headlines, the columns, or even the layout as a whole. What is shown above is the May 2022: Fear Issue. As I did the cover for the issue and put the most time into it out of all the issues completed.


2020 — Design + Art Direction

Galería OMR (Re)branding: Concept

Various Applications

For this school project, I chose to rebrand an art gallery based out of Mexico City. Between 6 applications my goal was to make the brand appear overtly approachable. From the logo to the shirts it’s all meant to compel a more welcoming tone from the original branding. The red-orange coloring of the logo provides a nice contrasting color that is emphasized on any medium. The poster template features a seamless logo overlay that marries any exhibition image with the brand. The shirt features an exaggerated version of the logo meant for instant pop appeal.


2022 — Design + Art Direction

Are.na and the Digital Ether: Talk


I gave this presentation in November 2022. Solely because I wanted to spread the word about Are.na and show others on campus just how powerful the platform is. Are.na is a media platform dedicated to exemplifying digital content. Largely used as an alternative to the maximalist Pinterest landscape while also being adored by many designers. I had reached out to CSULB VCDA sometime in August to set up the whole thing and months later I had a lovely 25-person audience come out to hear me babble.

Event Bio: “We will be navigating the online world with the power of Are.na—a content collecting service made for the designer, the digital archivist, and the creative. It is this relatively new online service that provides the ability to collect content. It’s an open ended space that is free of ads, with a distraction free design, no algorithm, solely meant to preserve, find specific content, and connect with other designers.- from CSULB VCDA IG post

In collaboration with CSULB VCDA


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